how to: color meditation

Our world is so busy! Unless you’re a very sheltered trust fund baby who has it all laid out for you, you’ve been served a heaping dollop of stress. Actually, maybe they have stress too - what galas to attend or Louboutins to buy, something like that.

Anyways, we all need ways to combat stress, in a low-cost, little commitment needed way: introducing color meditations. 

the best part about being alone

Spiders. Clowns. Serial killers. None of those scared me as much as being alone. It’s a touch ironic, as I am an only child, so much of my time is unavoidably spent alone.

12 gratitudes with sammydress

July has been really, really good so far. Not sure whether I've been cashing out my good karma, or something about my horoscope, but it's just been one great thing after the other!

I thought I'd repay the universe by sharing what those have been:

"the purge" + dezzal review

It's July - isn't that crazy? It seems like January was just yesterday, something I've heard many bloggers relate to. We're more than halfway through 2016, and it's time to clean out anything unnecessary.