quality or quantity?

Is it quantity or quality that matters more? It should be a straightforward question, with a generally accepted answer of "quality", but I don't believe it's so black and white.

valentine's day: match your outfit to your lips

My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the colors. And the chocolate (who could forget the chocolate?) 

Some lipsticks inspired by the pinks and reds of V-Day, plus outfit inspiration. All from e.l.f - they were having a sale, and I was easily roped in. 

amplified existence - "big magic" book review

When a book comes out with an aesthetically pleasing cover, you get it, if not just for blog props. When said book is about creativity, and is written by Elizabeth Gilbert, it's an even better reason to get it!

While I definitely judged Big Magic by its cover, I was not disappointed in the least.