a look inside my closet + blog sale

I'm on break! Finally! Not that finals were that bad with the minimal amount of studying I did, but it's still nice to be able to sleep into till whenever. I took advantage of my free time to sort out some of my old clothes that I've wanted to sell and take pictures of them as well.

As I pulled out each article of clothing, I got a bit nostalgic. At one point, I loved all these clothes dearly, and through selling them, I hope someone else will love them as much.

shoes worn throughout: sam edelman gigi sandle in saddle, vans white slip ons, steve madden elusionl leopard d'orsay flats

i'm basically wearing a fancy blanket + book review

While I'm unsure of exactly what field I want to work in yet, I'm sure it'll be related to the arts or fashion. Both are difficult fields, and I've been reading books by women I admire to get a feel of how they reached their goals.

Along the way, I dress for success with my fancy scarf, aka a blanket (and not just because I forgot to take photos of the books before returning to the library).

Introducing Sophia Amoruso, Diane von Furstenburg, Mindy Kaling, and Kate Betts:

5 things I don't regret doing

First off, the elephant in the room, a new hair color! I've been talking about it on the blog for ages, and yesterday I added a photo on Instagram. In keeping with the theme of "things my kids will use as excuses to get away with things bc of my 'rebellious childhood'", 5 things I don't regret doing (other than dying my hair).

diy: how i went platinum at home

After keeping my platinum hair for almost 8 months, I decided it was time for a change. I really enjoyed it, and am so happy I took the plunge back in April.

Because I'm always looking for fund my shopping habit save money, I DIYed everything, and thought I would share it in a better and more concise form than my previous posts. By doing it myself, I saved about $700.

A large amount of the changes that come with platinum hair is also how people treat you, and your perception of yourself.