one striped top, two ways

A while ago, I spent a whole day with one of my best friends. We're both into photography, so naturally, I still have many photos to post. I'm in love with this striped crop top, and I wore it two different ways that day. 

dressing classy at the beach

When I was in Paris, I bought this gorgeous midi dress from Zara. They had run out of my size, so I had to go up one, and I didn't get around to altering it until a few days ago - right in time for a beach trip!

musings: the importance of friends

A few days ago, I spent 24 hours with one of my friends. We hadn't really seen each other in a few months due to school, but it was really nice and we had a great time together. 

meet me + introduce yourselves!

The last few days I've been receiving tons of comments, and I love interacting with new people! I've been realizing I haven't formally introduced myself, so here's a little bit about me!

When I was little, I was always writing blogs (although they were very haphazardly thrown together). As I've grown up, it was just natural for me to begin documenting my life through journaling, photography, and eventually, another blog!

Alongside photography, I'm also a full time student! In my spare time I enjoy shopping (a little too much!), meeting new people, organizing and reorganizing my closet, reading magazines and books, and planning my ever-changing dream vacation. 

I hope to learn more about myself and other through my blog, as well as become more reflective and aware of the world around me. Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Please feel free to ask me questions and introduce yourself in the comments!

Where are you from, where do you hope to go, what do you do? Random facts, talents, stories are all welcome! Whatever you feel comfortable sharing is great. 

Excited to meet you all,



comfy casual outfit + photography adventures

I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded my 18-200mm kit lens! I bought a 50mm 1.4, as well as a 24-105mm L - still not ready to fully commit to a prime. I was so excited, I went out and took pictures with a friends as soon as possible in the comfiest t-shirt dress ever. 

the color run - tips and experience

Ever since I first heard of The Color Run, I've been dying to go! It seems like a fun run that anyone, even the less athletically inclined, can participate in. And it definitely was worth it!
After the jump, find out my tips and experience to make your run the "Happiest 5K"!

book review: fashion, art, and photography edition

Since I was little, I've rarely bought and kept books, because I would go through them so quickly it didn't make sense to spend money on something I'd read once. But now, I've started to appreciate certain "coffee table" books, and have started growing my collection again. 

This month, I'll be reviewing NYC: Basic Tips and Etiquette by Nathan Pyle, Isms by Stephan Little, The Teen Vogue Handbook, It, and Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton