my experience with crossroads

     I've always been big on buying lightly used clothes for cheap, since it not only saves the environment, but my wallet as well. While I do like apps such as Poshmark or Vinted, it's never as great as actually going to a store and trying on clothes (stay tuned for a post about my experience on Poshmark). Enter Crossroads Trading Co, a mix between thrift shop and consignment store.

part 2: starting the journey from black to white/silver

NOTE: This is part 2 of a series. Part 1 covers how to make up your mind about dying your hair, I'd encourage reading it if you're still a little iffy. 

After I more or less made up my mind to dye my hair, I slept on it for a day. I would've slept longer on it, but Sally's was having a sale, and it was ending at midnight. Being the bargain hunter I am, I had to make up my mind then. This post will cover supplies, the stages of bleach, and my bleaching technique. 

what to wear for a beach day

Beach days are my favorite thing to do when the weather finally gets warm enough. I've never actually swam in the ocean, but just tanning in the sun with a bowl full of watermelon brings the best summer memories. It hasn't gotten warm enough here quite yet, but so soon.

To hopefully usher in the warm weather faster, here's an outfit I wore last time to the beach.

part 1: my journey from black to white/silver

I've been wanting to change up my hair lately. I've done streaks and ombré in the past, so this time I decided to do something really drastic. Drastic like nearly killing it with bleach and turning it silver!

Since it's a loooong process (I'm still not done!), I'll be breaking it up into bits. This first post will be about deciding whether it's a good look on you, which route to go, and finding inspiration.