it's all Greek to me

A collection of things I don't really understand, from the inconsequential to the important. Because it's all Greek to me - like the columns (someone please appreciate my jokes).

In listicle form, since I've realized my posts tend to be very long and wordy. And I've been spending too much time on Buzzfeed lately.

Any and all kinds of makeup
I just don't understand it. I wish I did, since it seems like this magical experience that all girls can bond over - sharing makeup tips and struggles. But it just escapes me how to do things like that with my own face, which is odd because I think I'm a fairly decent artist, and makeup is an art form.

I blame it on the fact that on some days I have monolids, and some days double lids. Sometimes I have both. It's such a struggle.

The whole Mulan debacle
With the plethora of talented Asian actresses, I simply can't understand why Disney is even considering casting a Caucasian actress for the live action Mulan. I fully understand that strong leading female roles are rare and sought after, but strong leading female roles for Asians are even more scarce. It's like receiving a brand new textbook from school, or an organized Forever 21 sale rack.

Why is casting actors and actresses of the same race as characters so difficult? Why is diversity even an issue?

Wearing: Brandy Melville cropped grey sweater, Forever 21 skater skirt, PacSun necklace, Sanctuary Co leather jacket, BP. Trolley ankle bootie.

"Where are you really from? Like, are your people from Asia?"
I get that you're curious about where I'm from, but it doesn't need to be such a big deal. You assuring me that "Chinese food is like my favorite. I eat tons of sushi too." is not going to make me like you more.

I may be too sensitive on this topic, but I just don't understand this intense need to figure out whether I'm Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever. My race or ethnicity isn't responsible for my actions. I am.

Tired of getting things hemmed
Dear brands that carry denim,

I don't think of myself as incredibly short. But every time I go shopping for jeans, I'm reminded of how petite I am. Retailers everywhere, take note, a 30 inch inseam is not short! And thank you American Eagle for actually fitting me well.

Sincerely, a 5'3" denim lover.

Donald Trump
Not only is he incredibly racist and ignorant, he's literally shared nothing about his plans for the country should he win the election. And it's looking like there is a chance he'll be in the running.

Why is this even a possibility? He's talked about a "Muslim registry", global warming being "made up by the Chinese", and incomprehensibly insulting towards immigrants. Our foreign relations would go down the drain, to say the least.

Who invented this "hiatus" thing?
I want my tv shows back, and I want them now! It doesn't seem right that when we have winter break and summer break, new episodes aren't running - though I'm sure those in the industry appreciate and deserve the rest.

But how am I going to go without How to Get Away with Murder, Pretty Little Liars, or Reign? I might have to actually be productive and get work done. The horror.

Holiday spirit
As Thanksgiving is today, I hope everyone has a wonderful time with your families! We're staying in with some close friends, and having duck. We've never been able to finish a whole turkey.

A few months back, I wrote a post on what I was grateful for, and those still apply today: parents, education, and a home.

What things are confusing to you? What are your thoughts on the topics above? How was your Thanksgiving?



p.s. as I write this, I no longer have platinum hair! A post will be coming soon, but in the meantime, guess what color!

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