how to take proper care of your clothes

I like to think I'm a pretty smart shopper, and am good at making sure I get the full value of my clothing. Although I've found certain brands are better than others in terms of quality, I've found a way to make my fast fashion buys last longer as well by taking care of them properly.

Because straight up tips are so boring to read if they don't apply to you, I've also included a little tidbit or story with each piece! I hope that makes it a little more interesting for you guys!

The tips: Use a dry cloth to rub the fabric, though not too firmly so as to ruin it. You can also get a suede brush from stores or online to remove some of the dirt. If there are stains, use suede cleaner, white vinegar, or a soft pencil eraser to gently get them out. A protector is recommended to keep stains and dirt from being attracted. 

The story: I very recently picked up this Topshop bag while it was on a crazy sale at Nordstrom, and I love it, although it picks up stains super easily. I tend to wear a lot of black and neutrals, so this was an easy way to jazz it up a little. 
I haven't tried wearing this with anything other than neutrals, so I would love to hear what colors you guys would think would work with this!


The tips: Don't wash denim often, or it'll lose its integrity and shape. Try to limit yourself to washing only when they're dirty or stained or spot cleaning - the CEO of Levi's actually says to wash around once a year! When you do, wash with like colors on cold, and air dry - heat is terrible for denim!

The story: I don't often wear pants that aren't jeans, so these are definitely a staple in my closet. I think I've pretty much only ever worn skinny jeans or jeggings; bootcut is not terribly flattering, and I've yet to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, though I do wear them occasionally. My favorite thing to do is to cuff them once with flats or sneakers, just to show a bit of ankle. 
For my fellow petite girls, American Eagle is the best! They have so many lengths (short to xlong), and the length is truly short, unlike Abercrombie with their 29" inseam. That's not short!

Anything White

The tips: Try to wash whites separately, and with hot water if you want them to stay pure white. Bleach can be helpful, but it can also irritate your skin, or turn your clothes yellow if there's too much. Vinegar is said to be useful as well, though I haven't tried this out, except to use for scrubbing out armpit/deodorant stains. Hang in bright sunlight to dry, though be aware that if there are colors, the sun will fade those over time. 

The story: For a while, I thought white lace dresses were way too fancy to be worn out, but now I love wearing them! They remind me of spring, though less in your face than pastels, and can easily be dressed down with a utility jacket and some ankle boots. 


The tips: This material can be difficult and time consuming to take care of, but there's nothing better than nice, soft buttery leather. Try to avoid getting it wet, as this will lead to stiffness and discoloration. As a precaution, you can get a waterproofing spray, but if it happens, don't store it in the closet to dry. Clean with a leather cleaner, condition occasionally with leather conditioner, and use polish if you'd like (not shoe polish though).
Store it somewhere cool and dry, not in direct sunlight, and not too close to other things so it can "breathe". 

The story: As with boyfriend jeans, solid white shirts, and long overalls, I am forever on the search for the perfect leather jacket. This one comes pretty close, but the sleeves are a tiny bit too long, and it's more of a boyfriend fit on me. I really like the perforation on the shoulders though, and I'm always a fan of pairing this jacket with one of my girly dresses!

Dresses (With Thin Straps)

The tips: I always hang my dresses so they don't get wrinkled, and I don't forget I have them. But with time and gravity, the seams of thin straps will begin to unravel and fray. The solution is to use pants hangers and "grab" the middle of the dress! 
With materials that are prone to wrinkles, try and grab at a seam, such as the one at the waist. Or flip the whole dress upside down, and grab at the skirt

The story: Strapless bras, how I hate you. You're always slipping around, leaving me to try and nonchalantly push you up, while trying not to look like I'm just feeling my chest. I don't think I've learned that skill yet. However, as I am a big fan of strapless dresses and dresses with funky, thin straps, you continue to live in my closet.
One day though, I will burn you.


The tips: Avoid hanging knits, or any heavier clothes, at all costs! They will lose their shape over time, and the hangers will create "shoulder dents" as well. I like to roll my clothes, so I can see them better and they take up less space. 
Be careful of washing with hot water and drying - knits are prone to shrink. If this happens, you can use baby shampoo and hot water to gently stretch them back out. Dry flat. 

The story: Being in California, there's about a 2 month window in which we can wear sweaters and not die of heat. I spend almost all of said 2 months in sweaters, and have obtained quite an impressive collection. My past favorites were graphic sweaters, anything with an animal motif on it (I used to get compliments from senior citizens all the time), and eyelash sweaters
I think I may have reached sweater nirvana now. Though I'd still love to get a few more. 

Your useless but interesting tidbit of the day is:
Backpfeifengesicht is a German word that means "A face badly in need of a fist". At least according to Buzzfeed, a very reputable source. 

What tips do you guys have for maintaing your clothes? What are the best stores that have good quality and reasonable prices? Any useless but interesting tidbits to share?




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