*how to have custom made clothing on a budget

A few weeks ago, eShakti reached out to me to review one of their products, and was so excited! I mean, free clothes will have anyone excited. Here's a little bit about my experience. 

I have a somewhat un-proportional body, so I opted to have a custom size (an additional $7.50). Most of my measurements were exact, though I did add a few to my chest measurement in case I wanted to wear a push up. 

It was a little too big in the chest, and a little too long (my length was "above the knee"), but once I washed it, it shrank just enough to fit perfectly

They offer sizes from 0-36W, and their principle is that "all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best".

The customer service and turnaround time was amazing! When I first selected my dress and filled out my address, there was an issue, and they weren't able to ship. I checked in 12 days later, and fixed things immediately - my dress was shipped via DHL Express, and I received it in 3 days from India

It arrived with tissue paper between the layers of the dress, with plastic packaging in a cardboard box, inside a DHL package. Nothing really special about it, but it did the job, and arrived in one piece. 

I'm in love with the silhouette, and how full the skirt is! I was tempted to pick the most expensive dress just so I could have a really fancy one for free, but the logical part of my mind prevailed, and I decided to go for the Daisy Dress (which does not have any daisies on it, and isn't even the color of daisies), so I can dress it up or down

I was trying to decide between this, a long floral maxi, a white eyelet skirt, or a chevron maxi dress

The prices are reasonable, especially for custom made clothing that gets to your house in 12 days, but once you factor in all the coupons, discounts, and sales they have, it's like Forever 21 priced clothing, but much better quality! Literally, you get $30 off just for registering. Also, many of their dresses have pockets!

The quality is decent, it didn't blow my mind, but it was what I was expecting. The cotton is on the heavier side, but wrinkles easily. Seams are all well done, and no threads unravelling. 

Check out their website, FB, Pinterest, or Instagram!

Today, I attempted the blogger jump, and let me just tell you, that sh*t is hard to do. I had to remember to do multiple things with multiple parts of my body, and being rather uncoordinated, this was a struggle. One day, I will be able to do this, and the fashion bloggers will accept me as one of their own

I've been working on getting some more detail shots, so enjoy this shoe candid. It is a candid because this is how I always stand, and we did not in fact take multiple photos just to get this one at a nice angle. No really

Also, this really cute snake ear hanger I got from Urban Outfitters! I love simple accessories, and this one fits the bill perfectly. 

On a more personal (and serious) note, I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my last post on catcalling. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to read or comment on it, and I truly appreciate the support from you. 

Although I will most likely not write about it again, and will be taking a break from my "musings", while I consider refocusing my blog, I love that I have people (who I've never even met!) that I can talk with. 

This is vice versa, of course, and if you're ever in need of anything, whether it be blog questions, style advice, or deep, dark, problems, I'm always available to talk at angeeleena34@gmail.com

Lastly, I'm (unreasonably) happy about the fact that if you squint, I almost look like I have arm muscles! Due to my ingrained aversion to the gym and all forms of sweat, I don't work out much, but I have been doing a ton of Blogilates videos. Cassey is always so cheerful and most of her videos don't involve weights, so you can do them anywhere!

What would you guys wear this dress with? When was your first sponsorship? What types of posts would you like to see more of? Finally, what are your tips for exercising for the lazy girl?




*I was sent this dress for review purposes from eShakti. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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