the color run - tips and experience

Ever since I first heard of The Color Run, I've been dying to go! It seems like a fun run that anyone, even the less athletically inclined, can participate in. And it definitely was worth it!
After the jump, find out my tips and experience to make your run the "Happiest 5K"!

Obviously, as the name says, this run is full of color! You'll get powder everywhere, so make sure to wear shorts you don't mind getting a little dirty. I saw a few people with Lulu leggings, which I would strongly suggest not to do, as they're expensive and easily attract dirt and cornstarch (what the color powder is made of). 

I didn't know this ahead of time, but the powder is actually done manually. There are volunteers at each color zone with powder in squirting bottles who fling it at you. They'll throw more on you if you run close to them with your hands in the air and generally look like you want powder. This also works if you don't want too much color - just run quickly through the middle. 

Alternatively, if you feel like you don't have enough of one color, there are piles of leftover color at the end of each Color Zone. We had a mini color fight where we just picked it off the ground and threw it each other. This covered a lot more than the volunteers did. 

I definitely had the most fun at the party at the end. There was music and dancing, and lots of color bombs - they hand you some packets to throw at the finish line, in addition to your medal. It was also the perfect opportunity to take videos. 

I did get some corn starch right in my eye though, so definitely be wary of that if you decide to join in. I saw I wasn't the only one - there was a girl with tear tracks running down her cheeks. They do have a first aid station, but it was a bit far, and I didn't want to leave the front in case I couldn't get a spot again. It is just cornstarch though, and it'll go away in a bit. 

As you can see, we got a lot more drenched in color after the party. There are clouds of color powder, and it all gets on you. I wasn't a huge fan of how blurry my shirt looked after this, so if you're looking to keep it bright and colorful, skipping this would probably be a good idea. 

It was nice the stuff came in a plastic bag, so it didn't smear everywhere on the way home. I would bring a change of clothes if possible, or at least lots of towels so you don't get color everywhere in your car. There weren't any places to store your stuff that I could see, so your car would most likely be the best option. 

They do have bathrooms available, but they're Portapotties, so I would strongly recommend going beforehand. They also have a water station along the way. 

Almost everyone I saw was walking, or lightly jogging. There is definitely no shame in not being fit, as most people take their time and enjoy themselves. It's very wheelchair or stroller friendly, and there were also a few little kids walking it as well. 

Although a little hard to see, the colors on my shirt have all run together. I'm still debating over whether I want to try something with vinegar and have it stay in, or wash it again so it's white. 

I was originally a little worried about hair and the staining, but it worked out very well. I used a little bit of leave in conditioner, and it came right out in the shower. I don't think I would've minded too much if it had stained though! 

Overall, I really enjoyed the run, and it's definitely something I would do again - maybe as a volunteer. I would recommend signing up as early as possible for cheaper rates; it's very easy to pawn your ticket off to someone else as checking in is just giving them your ticket. 

If anyone has done this run or has any other ones to suggest, please do leave a comment below!




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