one striped top, two ways

A while ago, I spent a whole day with one of my best friends. We're both into photography, so naturally, I still have many photos to post. I'm in love with this striped crop top, and I wore it two different ways that day. 

You know when you've been wanting an item of clothing for ages, and then you finally get it, and it's amazing and everything you hoped for? 

That was these black shorts for me. In the summer I mainly wear denim high waisted shorts to make my legs look longer (when you're 5'3 you take every inch you can get), and I love everything black. I got them from Hollister when they were having a sale, and I love everything about them!

No beach trip (or any trip really) is complete without some hair flip photos. You can see how terrible my roots are, and the chunks of orange are because I'm running out of purple shampoo. 

Not sure if you guys have noticed yet, but I'm not terribly creative with poses. I tend to look down and touch my hair a lot, and that's mainly because my eyes are very uneven. 

I have one double lid, and one monolid, and it makes one of my eyes appear a lot larger than the other. I've been assured no one but myself notices (spotlight effect?), but it's very irritating and I've tried everything to make both eyes permanently double lidded. It's an Asian thing

I also paired this top with a high waisted (noticing a trend here?) black skater skirt. I love how these types of skirts look good with everything, and this particular one has a very subtle herringbone pattern. 

We went to a library to take photos, which is something I've been wanting to do for ages. We definitely got a lot of looks, but do it for the photos right? 

My cat flats are from Papaya, and I've gotten so many compliments on them! They add a nice touch to any outfit, and they're pretty comfy too. 

We rediscovered the wonders of window lighting - I wish we had gotten more photos, but the shutter noise is quite loud in a quiet library, and I didn't want to disturb anyone. The library at school on the other hand... 

Some of the photos we took can be seen on these posts: the importance of friends, dressing classy at the beach, and june: my month in photos. We also made a video here, and below:

What are you favorite items of clothing that work with anything? Do you guys have any favorite places to shoot - whether for OOTDS or in general? 




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