a helpful pdf for new years resolutions


   In starting the new year, I had a few resolutions of my own I wanted to stick to. One of them being actually getting back on this blog! Personally, I have to write down everything, and have a clear plan of attack to help get where I want to be. So after some googling, I found this really helpful PDF planner by Buttoned Up here. I can't even begin to tell you how useful this was for me.

Disclaimer: Certain parts of my plan were to specific to my city, and were
blurred for privacy reasons. 
     One of my longtime goals has been to get back to the level of fitness I was at back in school. At that time, I was playing soccer, regularly running, and hiking 10+ miles on weekends. After Thanksgiving break (turkey) and winter break (Christmas chocolate), I wasn't as fit anymore, especially since soccer had ended, and it was too cold for hiking.
      I wasn't able to improve my fitness constantly like I had been before, and I stopped enjoying it and trying as much. Therefore leading to even less athletic-ness.
     My goal for this year is to be able to run a mile in 8 minutes, do 30 push-ups, 50 curl ups, and have a somewhat defined 6-pack. Ambitious, but hopefully I'll be able to get there!
     The steps I'm taking to get to my goal will mostly be about exercising outside of school with various exercises (Pinterest is especially helpful for finding exercises that don't require a lot of equipment or time). Since my tasks are more regular ones, I couldn't fill out the green boxes, which are for dates to finish by.
     For me, the main reward is to feel better about myself and my body, but if you're the sort of person who works better with tangible reward, feel free to buy that leather jacket you've been looking for, or take a weekend off and go to the spa. I've already printed off several of these planners; one for each of my resolutions!

     I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and if you decide to use the planner, let me know how it works out for you!


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